Be the Media – Podcast training

I will give small groups of up to three people a step by step guide on how to develop and launch a successful podcast. Podcasting has become a major cultural force in society with potential for massive progressive societal change as some podcasts audiences get better ratings than the main stream or traditional media.

I can take any beginner and give them the tools and advise to help them start a podcast within a small budget. I will structure our workshop the following way.

– First we well cultivate their ideas and speak about the various types of podcasts. Giving some different formats of successful podcasts.
– Give several options for setting up website or adding podcast to existing website.
– How podcasting works, how to set up hosting
– Equipment requirements, for those on a budget or those who want to spend a little more. (Mic’s, Mixer boards and more)
– Setting up RSS Feeds
Tagging your MP3 audio tracks
– Podcasting work flow, how to post a podcast.
– Editing software options
– Interview strategies, field interviews
– Strategies on how to promote your podcast for free

This can be for a hobbyist or made into a serous business venture or supplement an existing enterprise. The world is waiting for your unique voice.