Alex Morton Fights DFO to protect Wild Salmon

alex-morton-and-elly-edwardsFOn June 5, 2015 the federal government of Canada and Marine Harvest appealed the precedent-setting Federal Court decision that struck down aquaculture licence conditions allowing private companies to transfer fish infected with viruses into net pens in our ocean. This is so disappointing and speaks to the depravity of the situation. Alex Morton is prepared to go back to Court to defend wild salmon and fight this appeal. With DFO and Marine Harvest trying to resurrect unlawful licence conditions to allow transfer of infected fish into the major wild salmon migration routes of this coast, it certainly begs the question: Is BC’s farmed salmon industry dependent on farming with diseased fish?

Stuart Richardson interviews Alex on this struggle with the Federal Government who is only interested in the protection of fish farms, Alex speaks about  how us citizens can assert our power to change our society when governments lose their way.

Music by Rheostatics – Whale Music – California Dreamline

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