Brazil Elections, Honduran Caravan and moving forward against mounting authoritarianism

A Caravan of young women and men, children of all ages is moving from Honduras to the USA marking one historical site of resistance, amidst many sites of resistance against a mounting tide of authoritarian neoliberalism.

In this interview with Jorge Marti, secretariat of Hands off Venezuela talks about the election in Brazil, the talks of war against Venezuela if the radical right wing gets elected in Brazil. The incarceration of Lula as a tactic to prevent him from running as leader of the workers’ party…Jorge makes clear why we can not make revolution half way, why we must have a program to eradicate the violence of neoliberal capitalism, by eradicating capitalism. The kidnapping of mass discontent by the far right, as they sweep into power its root causes. Why understanding theory is essential to succeed in class struggles that awaken inevitably with the rise of radical right wing governments.

This is a time for progressives to be active and engaged. Tune in and attune to the history of resistance, the victories and struggles that have birthed our ideas of democracy and continue to sustain our hope for a better tomorrow for all beings.

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