Canadian Elections, The TPP, BIll C51 and cell phone rates

CsisFStuart Richardson of Latin Waves interviews David Christopher Communications Manager from Open Media, we have a vigorous discussion about our digital rights as Canadians. We touch on how the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) deal may fundamentally change the way the internet operates, how daily activities may become criminalized once the TPP is passed, how this secretive agreement is being negotiated “behind our backs” and how important it is for average Canadians to demand transparency.

We speak about how Canada’s internet and cell phone services have fallen behind the rest
of the world in price and speed of access while we continue to pay the highest global rates.

And we wrap up with a discussion about BillC51 and how fundamentally this opposes Canadian values around the charter, how this bill is finding opposition in all political sectors including conservatives, some conservative groups have called it “The Long gun registry on steroids”

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