Jorge Martin “The anniversary of the death of Comandante Hugo Chavez and events in Venezuela and Crimea”

hovFLatin Waves Host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Jorge Martin, international secretary of Hands Off Venezuela on the anniversary of the death of Comandante Hugo Chavez, the current attempts by US backed elite in Venezuela to instigate a coup. The discursive power of the mass media internationally who are owned and controlled by a few monopoly groups share a selective memory of the facts that poverty is not a natural condition but rather impoverishment is a process of exploitation and domination of the working class. Jorge point out that in the race against hunger Venezuela has led and proved that a revolution that makes worker’s autonomy a reality is a bad example for the Capitalist world wide he says “They have chosen their side in this battle. We the people have also chosen ours”.

He also speaks about the hypocrisy of the main stream media in how they portray the conflict in Crimea compared to how they are covering events in Venezuela.

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