We contextualize the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

 Latin Waves host Stuart Richardson interviews Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space and publisher of a blog called Organizing Notes.

We contextualize the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia, both myself and Bruce have been speaking of this potential crisis since 2014, we are both long time peace advocates and believe that peace only comes through mutual understanding and the events that got us here. How the more you listen to the MSM the more confused and uninformed you become.

We speak about the US back coup in 2014 replacing a pro Russian president with a US puppet, how the coup government of Ukraine has a coalition with Neo-Nazis who terrorize the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine which is largely make up of Russian speakers, how thousands of Russian speaking citizens have been killed in this region without any condemnation from the UN or Western Media.

How the Minsk agreement with the current president has never been honoured, and how the US is pushing Ukraine to join NATO like Poland and Romania. This is untenable to Russia as they don’t want missile bases on their borders.

How the long term goals for Russia are spelled out by the Rand Corporation called “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia” (available online) And most importantly some reasonable options to end this conflict.

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